Access to Cash

Privacy in a Cashless Society

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As highlighted in the Access to Cash Panel’s final report published in March 2019, consumer concerns over privacy are often cited as a reason that people continue to wish to use cash. In the six months since the report was published, various headlines have highlighted an acceleration in the reduction of free to use ATMs, […]


Access to Cash – Final Report

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Last year, the Access to Cash Review Panel was set up to consider consumer requirements for cash over the next five to fifteen years.  Alongside others , I was invited to be a member of the panel. In July 2018, we published a Call for Evidence and, in parallel, conducted a series of workshops across the United Kingdom.   […]


Launch of Payments Document Library

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One of our aims through this website is to provide a source of reference information covering the rapidly evolving world of payments. We have therefore brought together a series of key industry documents into a single Document Library.