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Welcome to our website. The world of Payments and Settlement continues to rapidly evolve and this site has been created to not only showcase the services that our Company offers in this field but, additionally, to provide what we hope is a useful set of resources to those wishing to understand more about Payments and their underlying settlement, Payments Regulation and key aspects of the Payments infrastructure operating across the world.

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Access to Cash – Is Britain ready to go cashless?

Earlier this year, the Access to Cash Review Panel was set up to consider consumer requirements for cash over the next five to fifteen years.  Alongside others , I was invited to be a member of the panel. At the end of July, we published a Call for Evidence and, in parallel, conducted a series of workshops across […]

Payment Statistics Highlight the Rapid Decline of Cheques

A few days ago, Payments UK published the December 2016 Payment Statistics for the main UK payment systems (see here). In addition to that month, the statistics provide a year on year comparison which highlight that: Overall, UK payment volumes were up 3% in 2016 to just over 8 billion transactions. The total value of […]

Payments – A Round-Up of Recent News

This post briefly summarises some of the most noteworthy recent Payment news items and then covers the launch of the Strategic Consultation from the UK’s Payment Strategy Forum

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